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Name A Star with Interstellarium

Name a star as a gift after someone you love, make them smile and be remembered forever. Please read this information about naming a star if you want to know more or go straight to the star naming page to name your star.

What’s included?

Every star which you name with us will be delivered as a gift package which includes the following:

  • Every named star is 100% visible
  • Two beautiful certificates
  • Easy-to-use star map to find your star
  • Premium-quality portfolio folder
  • Lifelong entry into the ISD Database

What’s the process?
How does it work?

  1. Easily name a star using the online configurator
  2. Your star receives a registration number
  3. The star certificate is proofread & created
  4. The star’s data will be entered into the ISD Database
  5. Your certificates will be printed, packaged and shipped

Many star certificate designs
to choose from at Interstellarium


We don’t want to sound like lawyers or as if we’re holding your money prisoner so here’s the deal:

If you’re in any way unhappy with your certificates, just write us an e-mail within 30 days after delivery and we’ll give you a refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions
From People Who Want To Buy A Star

How much is it to buy a star in my currency?

If you want to buy a star at, it will cost you about

29,90 USD to 69,90 USD
~25,30 EUR to ~59,20 EUR
~23,00 GPB to ~53,70 GBP
~42,00 AUD to ~95,50 AUD

depending on the star you choose. If you are from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, any EU country, the USA or India then the prices are adjusted automatically and are shown in your countries currency. All other countries’ prices are USD by default.

How long will shipping take if I buy at Interstellarium?

Creating & registering your star takes about one day. Delivery speed of your documents depends on the region you’re from:

Via E-Mail: Always within 24hrs
USA & Canada: 3-7 days
South Amercia: 3-7 days
Africa / South Africa: 3-7 days
India, Central Asia, SEA: 3-7 days
UK & Ireland: 2-3 days
Central Europe: 2-3 days
Eastern Europe: 2-3 days
Australia & New Zealand: 3-7 days

How can I buy a star at Interstellarium?

How can I buy a star? – Buying a star is very easy: Choose one of the available stars which you want to buy. In the next step, fill out the form & choose a certificate design. By adding the star into your cart, you can start the checkout process. After checking out & paying, you’re done!

What is the difference between buying and naming a star?

What is the difference between buying and naming a star? – You can’t actually “buy a star” as it is impossible to get there BUT you are allowed & can name a star. So both terms are synonyms.

How much do you charge for printing & shipping?

Shipping is free via E-Mail or 4,95 USD (worldwide flat rate) for printing & shipping.

How can I pay for my star at Interstellarium?

You can use Paypal or your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex). Depending on your country, you might have more options available.


Interstellarium (“”) offers “name a star gift” certificates and enables the layman to buy a symbolic star for all occasions. You can name a star for Christmas; it is a beautiful gift for weddings or Valentine’s day. Buy a star in a constellation and give it to someone as a birthday present. The possibilities are endless.

What is included in my “name a star gift” package? Every “star” gift contains two high-quality certificates, a star chart, a stargazing app and entry into the stellar database.

Optional extras are a personalised star chart or an aluminium frame which is a perfect fit for every certificate. Name a star in the USA (with star maps for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston or Phoenix), name a star in the United Kingdom / UK (with star maps for London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle), buy a star in Ireland (with star maps for Dublin).

Name a star in Canada / CA (with star maps for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver) or name a star in Australia / AU (with star maps for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide), name a star in New Zealand / NZ (with star maps for Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga), or name a star in India (with star maps for Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad)

Buy & name a star in the sky in the USA & Canada at Interstellarium is the best place for naming your own star in the USA or Canada. This celestial gift package can be gifted to events such as weddings, Valentin’s days, birthdays or as a memorial gift if you want to remember someone forever. also offers -if currently available- star maps for all major cities in the USA & Canada, like New York, Los Angeles or Vancouver and Toronto.

Buy a star as a gift in the United Kingdom (UK) & Ireland

Buy a real, visible star in the sky as a symbolic gift for someone you love or deeply care about.

This star naming gifts are perfect for all major events in the UK or Ireland like weddings, Valentine’s day, birthdays or St. Patrick’s Day. Many of our customers also purchase stars as galactic gifts for newborns.

Interstellarium: Star naming gifts in Australia & New Zealand

If you’re living in Australia or NZ, is the perfect place to purchase your star naming gifts.

If you ever wanted to get a star named after you, this is the place to be. Purchasing a star for Australia or NZ is really easy – just use our online star configurator to get your own star named after you. Every star is 100% visible in the night sky over Australia and New Zealand.

Purchase a star in the sky in Asia, India & the Philippines

All of Asia, especially India and the Philippines are fast and enormous countries. Even more enormous is the universe. gives everyone in Asia, India or the Philippines the possibility to purchase their own, personal star in the sky. This star is a real star in our galaxy and visible from the Earth.

Buy and name a star in the sky in Africa & South Africa

If you are livling in Africa or South Africa, you’re probably interested in the Galaxy or Astronomy and if you’ve evered wondered “how to buy someone a star” or “how to get a star named after you” then you’ve come to the right place. is the right place for star purchasing. Buying and naming a star in the sky in Africa or South Africa has never been easier. You can purchase your own star or gift a star to somebody using our online star configurator. is a worldwide premium star naming service. We offer star certificates & entries into an international star registry. Buying and naming a star with us is very easy. Choose the star you`d like to name and use our configuration tool to customize a truly unique gift for your loved ones.

You can buy a star for all occasions. Buy a star for Christmas, valentine’s day or as a birthday gift. There are no wrong occasions to buy a star. You can buy a star using our configuration tool. All you have to do is to follow the instructions. We offer many different payment providers. You can pay by PayPal or credit card.

You can name a star after yourself or your loved ones. Dedicate a star to someone special and have a good time. Register a star here.