IAU: Can the International Astronomic Union name a star for me in 2020?

So you’re probably asking yourself, could I sak the international Astronomic Union to name a star for me?

The answer to that question is: Yes, you could probably ask them and no, they probably wouldn’t do it, and here’s why.

IAU Could the International Astronomical Union name a star for me

What is the IAU?

“The International Astronomical Union (IAU; French: Union astronomique internationale, UAI) is an international association of professional astronomers, at the PhD level and beyond, active in professional research and education in astronomy. “

But, what do they do?

“Among other activities, it acts as the recognized authority for assigning designations and names to celestial bodies (stars, planets, asteroids, etc.) and any surface features on them.” (From Wikipedia: IAU)

So you’re saying, they could name a celestial body after me?

Yes, they could. But they probably won’t. Most star names which are currently named or recognized by the IAU are names, which exist since Ancient Rome & Egypt (ect.)

Every once in a while, they give some newly-found stars a name but nothing on which you yourself can influence.

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