Information & Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”)

“Good morning, day or evening – it doesn’t really matter which Time Zone you’re from, if you have a question, this FAQ-Page might answer it. And if this page doesn’t answer your questions, you can always chat with us using the chat (which should have popped up somewhere on the website) or write me at arthur[at] and I’ll gladly take care of any question or problem you might have” – Arthur Burghardt, Founder of Interstellarium

How can I name a star?

Naming a star is as easy as buying a pair of Socks on Amazon. Go to the star naming page by clicking on this link and choose one of three star naming packages.

What’s the difference between the star naming packages?

You can choose between three different star types. A normal visible star, a star which is part or within a zodiac constellation or you can name a binary star, which are two stars rotating around each other. Otherwise the star naming packages’ content is the same. You’ll receive two high-quality star naming certificates, a high-quality star map, and instructions so that you can find your star easily, instructions for the mobile app.

What’s the star certificates quality?

We print all star certificates on thick 180g/m² high glossy paper. (Real picture below, made with an iPhone 8S)

Will I get a digital copy of my star naming files?

Every customer receives a digital copy of his order immdediatly after it got finished and is ready to be shipped.

How fast will I get my star naming package?

We offer world-wide shipping from our Offices in Germany & Switzerland. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, every order needs a maximum of 7 days to reach your address. We’ve listed some major destinations below:

Digital Copy: Always within 24h after purchase
UK & Ireland: 2-3 Days
USA & Canada: 3-7 Days
Australia: 3-7 Days
Anywhere in Europe: 1-3 Days
South America: 3-7 Days
India, SEA, China: 3-7 Days
South Africa, Africa: 3-7 Days
Arabic Countries: 3-7 Days

How easy is it to pay on your website?

Easy as on every other major e-commerce website. You can use your credit card or pay via Paypal.

Is your website secure?

Yes! Our website has a 256-Bit SSL Certificate which secures all interactions and transactions.

What’s the difference between buying and naming a star?

You can’t really buy a star because you’d have to get there (and you can’t really do that), but nobody can stop you from naming a star.

Will my star be registered?

Yes! Every star is registered at the International Stellar Database and can be checked by anyone in the world.

How can I view my star?

You can either use the included star map or the mobile app to view your star.

Do you have a guarantee?

YES OF COURSE! If you are not happy with your star or product, then send it back to us within 90 days and you’ll get your money back.

Which star naming date can I choose?

You can choose any date which you want. It can be a date in the past, today or any day in the future.