Is it possible to get a star for free?

So you’re probably asking yourself if there’s a place in this world where you can get or name a star for free. 

The answer is, yes: You can actually do it yourself. 

You don’t need to use a star naming company or association.

You can name your own star for free

There is also no official star naming association which names stars everyday.

Of course there is the IAU, the International Astronomical Union, but they, if they do, name rarely any stars.

Here’s the problem: In this world, there are currently over 190 countries. Each country has their own language and views their stars differently.

The second problem is that you can’t really work scientifically if a star has a name. Scientists work with “destinations”. 

Every star has a specific coordinate and you can work with that or they get a file number in a specific star catalogue. This is what we call an “international standard”.

If stars have only numbers and destinations, it doesn’t matter from which country the scientist is from, they’ll be able to talk about stars, constellation and everything else they see in the sky.

Imagine Chinese, Russian and American scientists debate over a star or constellation if there was no international standard. That would be quite funny!

Design your own certificate for free

So yes, if you want to name a star for free, you can do that yourself. You can go to sites like and design a certificate yourself.

Because nobody in this world can own a star.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, well then, why does you star naming company even exist if I can do that myself?

Well the answer is easy. You can of course, create your own certificate, print out a star map and asign a star to your love one.

But the problem is, how long will this take? Some hours? Some days? And will this look good? 

Why professional star naming companies exist and don’t name stars for free

That’s the reason why other people pay professionalls like us at Interstellarium to name a star for them

It’s easy, looks great and is quickly done by us. The only thing which you have to do is, to watch your loved ones smile.

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