Is selling stars legal?

Welcome to and thank you for visiting our site. You’re here because you’re searching for an answer if selling stars is legal. Is it? Or is it not? Let’s find out…

is selling stars legal

Selling a real star is not legal. You can’t own them, you can’t buy them. 

Nobody has been at star yet ( and no, the moon doesn’t count ). 

And the truth is, a star doesnt exist anymore. Stars a supernovas and this means, they don’t exist anymores.

A supernova is the explosion of a planet and what you’re seeing in the night sky are its remains. 

The light those stars emit is sometimes millions of ages old.

But you’re selling stars, or are you not?

No, we don’t. Interstellarium doesn’t sell any stars, we also don’t sell real star names.

The only authority which is allowed to name stars is the IAU and they have only recognized about 100 +/- star names. ( And no, the NASA won’t sell you a star either )

Yes, we offer a “star naming service” but this service is more like a fun gift or a memorial gift but it’s not official or anything like that.

The reason why it’s not bad that is not possible

Hey, I know that you’re probably sad right now that buying a star is not possible and you probably think, that someone is trying to scam you, but no we’re not.

If you buy one of our name a star packages, you get a beautifully designed certificate and star instructions to find the star.

You can spend a really nice day together with your loved ones, go stargazing and have a blast.

Who then does care if it’s real or not?

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