NASA: Can you buy a star as a gift from the US star agency?

People visit our website and think sometimes to themselves, why should i use a star naming service to get my star named. Can’t i just get a star from NASA?

What is NASA?

NASA is the acronym for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( some people think that it’s the acronym for North American Space Agency, but that is another story…).
This independent US agency is responsible for the civilian space program, aeronautics and space research.
NASA can i get a star from them

This means that the NASA is responsible for the US space programs and not International ones. They focus on building space ships, satellites and thinks like that and try to get us to Mars.

But they are not responsible for naming stars so you can’t buy a star from them. ( But you can go to this page: How To Buy A Star to find out more.

NASA won’t give you a star, but the IAU won’t do that either

So if NASA won’t give you your own star, who will? 

You might probably think now that the IAU, the International Astronomical Union would be responsible, right? 

Technically yes, you’re right. The IAU is responsible for giving scientific star names which will be recognized worldwide by the scientific community.

The problem with this though is, they do that something like every 10 to 20 years and they name only a few stars

…but Interstellarium got you covered

So you still want to have your own star, don’t you? Here’s the solution: We can do that for you.

We will name a star for after whomever you want, print it the certificate on high-quality paper and ship it to whichever destination you want.


Find out more on our Homepage by clicking here: Interstellarium

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