Which star naming -, star registration- or star registry service is official?

Hi, welcome and hello. Thank you for visiting You’re probably asking yourself, which star naming-, star registration-, or star registry service is official? Read on to find out…

whis star naming registration registry service is official

Is there an official star naming service?

The answer is no. The only official entity which is allowed to officially and scientifically name stars is the IAU, the International Astronomical Union and even they have only recognized something like plus/minus 100 names.

I’ve seen many star registration services. Can I register a star somewhere officially?

The answer to that is no, too. There are official star catalogues and databases where stars are registered, but they have always only numbers or just coordinates. You won’t be able to register a star officially at any star registration service.

What about star registries and stellar databases?

Well, yes. Just kidding – no. As I already said, the IAU is the only official & recognized union which is allowed to name stars and you can’t  just buy a star from them. 

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