Name A Star

Name A Star After Someone You Love

Name a star after someone you love. Or get a star named after you. It has never been easier to name a star by using our online star-naming-configurator.

Every Named Star Is 100% Visible The Sky

If you’ve ever wanted to name a star and maybe had some worries that you might not see it – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Every star named which is choosen by us and named by you will be 100% visible in the night sky.

Gift Someone A Star Name For Their Birthday

People love birthday gifts and one of those special birthday gifts is the‘s Star Naming Package. Surprise your best friend, your mother or father or your neighbour with a gift they surely will never forget.

Star Naming Gifts For All Occassions

We’ve talked about naming a star or having a star named as a birthday present but there are so many occassions you can name a star for. Some of those occassions are Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Friendship Days, weddings, newborn parties, memorial gifts, Christmas and many more!

How To Name A Star

You’re probably asking yourself everything’s good and great but “How do I name a star?” or “How do I buy a star?

If you want to name your own star then click on the products at the beginning of this page or on the button bellow this text or at the Button which says “NAME A STAR NOW” somewhere on this page.

Next, choose a star which you want to have named after you. You can name a normal, visible star; a star in a constellation or a binary star.

After that you give the star a name, tell us when you want to have it named and finalize the star naming by writing a dedication. After that add the star to your basket and finalize the payment process.

And that’s it! Now the only thing which you have to do is to wait till your star naming package gets delivered.

Get A Star Named After You

Some people think that’s getting or having a star named after themselves is difficult – but this isn’t the case. Getting a star named after you is not as difficult or complicated as talking to your local authorities. To the contrary, it is as easy as buying a pair of shoes online! The process is the same.

Star Naming Certificates

Name A Star

If you decide to get your own star then expect to get a beautifully designed star naming package delivered to your door. We take great pride in our certificate designs.

They are also the reason why many customers name their stars with us and not with the competition.

Every certificate is not only printed on heavy glossy-paper but also is delivered within a high-quality presentation folder (as can be seen in the picture above).

We even get told that we’re often the 2nd best option AFTER they’ve already named a star after somebody, and do you want know why?

The reason is simple: Many of our customers got disappointed by their first star naming company and decided to name a new, visible star somewhere else (hint: They named their 2nd star using our online service).

Worldwide Star Naming Service

In the history of time it has never been easier to deliver something to someone somewhere in the world. Even though we deliver worldwide, most of our customers are from North America & the Commonwealth of Nations.

Name A Star In The USA & Canada

Name a star in the USA or Canada. We guarantee you that every named star will be 100% visible in the USA or Canada.

But please consider that depending on your time zone the visibility can vary. Printing, shipping and delivery time to the USA and Canada is on average 3-7 days.

If you need the documents urgently we can deliver them to you within 24hrs via e-mail. Just write us after placing the order.

Name A Star In UK & Ireland

Star naming gift packages are very popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you are living in the UK or in Ireland and you want to have a star named after you then is the right place to be.

Getting a “name a star gift package” is very easy and delivery to the UK and Ireland takes on average 2-4 days (including printing the documents & shipping them).

Name A Star In Australia & New Zealand

Sometimes people ask us if they can name a star even though they are from Australia or New Zealand and our answer is always: yes! You can name a star in Australia or New Zealand.

We even sometimes offer custom maps for people who’re living in Sidney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Auckland and Wellington.

Name A Star In India, the Philippines or all of Asia

We also deliver to the “largest” nations in the world. You can name a star if you’re living in Asia (f.e. India) or South-East-Asia (f.e. the Philippines) as our focus is on the Commonwealth of Nations. Delivery time to anywhere in Asia is on average 7 days including printing and shipping.

Name A Star In Africa & South Africa

As we are offering a worldwide star naming service we can also deliver your package to anywhere in Africa (as long as your country has a functional postal system – our recommendation is to use the “delivery per e-mail” option) or South Africa. Delivery to South Africa has never been a problem and is 100% safe.