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How to register a star at a star registry: Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to register a star name? And what’s the difference between registering a star at a star register, star registry or stellar database? And which star registration service should you use?

I want to check my star at the star registry / star register / international stellar database – how do I do that?

Star Registry vs. Star Register vs. Stellar Database – what’s the difference?

International Stellar Database / Register / Registry

National Stellar Database / Register / Registry

Coupons for online star registries and databases

Reviews of star registries, registers or databases

It doesn’t really matter which star registry, stellar database or star register you check – most of them have pretty good reviews and are doing business for a long time.

You can do anything wrong by registering a star via services like or any other service.

Does an European Star Register exist?

There is not really a “european star register” or anything similiar. Some people might think that the NASAs equivalent, the ESA (“European Space Agency”) has something to do with registering stars but that’s not the case.

The ESA is a space agency which explores space, builds space ships & satellites and stuff like that.

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