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Name A Star In Australia

Hello and welcome to If you want to buy & name a star in Australia and have it registered with a star registry, then you’ve come to the right place.

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We’ve specifically designed our service so that if you are living in Australia or want to send the star certificates to Australia then you won’t have any problems finding the star in the Australian night sky.

Name A Visible Star In Australia

It doesn’t matter if you’re living in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth – we’ll make sure that your star is clearly visible in the night sky.

Other star-naming companies often name just random stars which aren’t visible in your time zone, in your hemisphere or aren’t visible at all.

We make sure that none of this happens.

Buy a star & receive a specific star map for Australia

Every star map will show you in detail how and when to go outside to see your star.

The only thing which you have to know is where West or East are (which shouldn’t be that difficult considering every mobile phone has a compass).

You’ll also get a free android mobile app from us which will help you find the your star.

Another possibility would be to download the software to view the night sky.

Delivery time after you’ve bought a star & prices

The delivery time to/within Australia is 3-7 days. We can also send you the star certificates via E-Mail within 24 hrs.

If you are in Australia then you’ll see the prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD). The price of the visible star will then be approx. CAD 51 ( approx. 39 USD )

Australian star registry – every star is registered within 24hrs

After you’ve placed your order, it takes us about 24hrs to register your star with the International Stellar Database.

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100% Money-back guarantee

If you’re in any way unhappy with our service, your star certificates or the chosen star then we’ll try our best to change it and do whatever it is which needs to be done make you happy.

And if we can’t then we’ll guarantee you that you’ll receive a full refund.

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