Star Registry ⭐ Everything New You Need To Know In 2020

What’s a star registry / star register / star database?

A star registry, star register or star database is a place where you can either register a star or look up your registered star.

Most star naming companies work with different star registries, star registers and star databases to have your star named and entered into a database.

In most cases you can look up your star within 24h after naming it. In some cases or special circumstances this might take longer.

If you have a problem or can’t find your star in your star naming companies star register then you should talk to the star naming company and fix this issue as fast as possible or you won’t be able to look up your star.

We register named stars at the on average within 24hrs after you’ve made the purchase.

History behind our star registry / star register / star database

2016 – The Idea is formed

As fans of astronomy and everything in between we’ve always liked the idea of making astronomy more accessible.

To tell you the truth, just purly teaching astronomy or talking about it is kinda boring but having your own star which is named after you (or somebody else) that’s kinda interesting and exciting, isn’t it?

Hence we decided to found – a star naming company where people can name their own stars and look them up.

2017 – The International Stellar Database goes online

2017 was interesting year as we’ve launched our first star register / star database / star registry.

The website was not much to look at but it worked and people could look up their stars – and of course friends and family could do that too.

2018 – First Milestone Reached 1000 Named Stars

After a slow start in 2017, we’ve had our 1000th star named in 2018 which made us ( and the star namer ) probably very happy.

2019 – Updates & Plans

The ISD had a major overhaul in 2019 and we fixed some technical issues. We also wanted to update the design but didn’t manage to finish it on time as it was more work then we’ve anticipated.

2020 & Beyond

So what’s next? Our goal is to update the design of the stellar database and make it more accassible to everyone.

We also want to add some interactive programming to the site so that people can scroll through the night sky without having the need to download software or apps.

How to reach our star registry / star register / star database

star registry register database stellar international

If you want to reach the International Stellar Database or short “ISD” please click on the link below:

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