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Welcome to Interstellarium. If you want to name a star and register it with a star registry, then you can do that on our website. Every named star is registered with the official, world-wide recognized & accessible international ISD star registry. If you want to reach the ISD, please click on this link – otherwise you can register your own star by clicking on the link below.

Where or how to register a star

If you want to know how or where you can register a star, then you’ll find more information here: register a star.

Where to start the star registration

Where can you start the star registration? More information here: star registration.

How to access the international star registry

How can you access the international star registry? More information here: international star registry.

About the national star registry

If you want to know if a national star registry exists in your country, read this page: national star reigstry.

Coupons and vouchers for the star registry

To get the latest coupons or vouchers, visit this page: star registry coupons.

About the official star registry

If you want know, if the star registry is official, read more here: official star registry

If you already bought a star and want to find it, please visit this page: star registry lookup & search

Does NASA have a star registry?

If you want to know if the NASA has a star registry, read this page: NASA star registry

Reviews about our star registry

If you want to know about the experience of our previous customers, please read here our reviews: star registry reviews.

Which is the best star registry?

If you want to know, which the best star registry is, then click on this link: best star registry.

Which is a legitimate star registry?

If you want to know, if the ISD star registrry is legitimate, then read more about it here: legitimate star registry.

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