Information & FAQ

We’re using 180g/m² high-glossy paper to print your certificates. By doing so, they are visible in frames and become durable. You can’t compare it to other products or companies which print the star naming data on “normal” paper. The certificates format is DIN A 4. is an international star-naming company. We’re shipping worldwide to almost any destination. The delivery time is on average 3-7 days (depending on the country).

Anywhere in Europe: 2-4 days

Anywhere in World: 3-7 days

E-Mail: Always within 24h

You can always pay via Paypal or Credit Card. Depending on your country there might be other options available.

We’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re in any way unhappy with your star naming gift. Please contact our customer service to receive your refund.

FAQ is an international star naming service offering people from around the world unique “name a star” gift packages.

Star naming is the process of giving a star a name. Most stars don’t have names. They have numbers or coordinates.

Interstellarium is a real company, run by real people in Ratisbona, Germany.

Buying a star is very easy – almost as if you’re buying a pair of shoes. Please go to the shop page by clicking here to make a purchase.

You can name “normal” stars. Stars in a zodiac constellation or so-called double/binary stars. Binary stars are two stars which circle around each other.

Every star naming package includes certificates, a star map, documentation about your star, star registration and a free mobile app to search for your star.

We can change your certificate once after you’ve received it and send it to you via e-Mail for free or a physical copy for 10 USD/€

Yes, please contact customer service to get a bulk discount.

The stars can be seen with the naked eye if the night sky is clear. In most large cities there’s light pollution which makes it more difficult to spot your star. Please leave the city area to get a better view of the night sky.

Yes, every star is 100% visible from earth. Due to the earth’s rotation & seasons, not every star is always visible. Some stars are only visible during specific seasons (f.e. only during winter or summer)

You can choose a star from the twelve zodiac constellations.

The International Stellar Database, or ISD, is an international star registry/star database.