Corvus Constellation: Facts & Myths

Looking up at the night sky, one can get to see a multitude of stars. Many of those come
together to form a constellation, these constellations are then assigned particular significance
to create legends and folklores. Star gazers have mapped it out across the open sky for the help
of those sailing at night. It started with old ships that had neither navigation system nor
compass. They had to make use of just their knowledge about the night sky and chart their
way across open seas. One of such constellations is the Corvus or the raven in the night sky.
Taking after all others, it too has got popular folklore associated with it. Many say that it was a
part of an even larger beast that then broke up to be formed into some smaller animals
that yet continue to roam the open sky. The raven is one of them. With the help of its wings, it
keeps a vigil over the entire universe and reports back to the supreme Zeus. Just like with every
other we do get to see in the open sky, this one too has seen its days of glory and now lies
shrouded in mystery. Only the dedicated and experienced star gazers can trace it out in the sky
without the help of other equipment.
Taking other famous marks:
It can be observed on a clear night by the help of a telescope. The stars that make it up are a
very tine part of the total number of those visible from Earth, and in total it takes up to only
about 0.448% of the night sky. After that, space is kept occupied with the other 47
Constellations. Falling in a far-off system within the galaxy, it has been pursued throughout
history in the search for the story that lies behind it. At one time, people also compared it to the
eagle form of Zeus. But that was blown over as the two had many differences not only in their
composition but also the relevance that was attached to it.
Coming back to the matter at hand, the Corvus is of particular importance because of the
importance that people associate with it on the earth. The raven is said to be a mystical
creature with deep-reaching historical significances. If one looks at mythology books, it has
often been said to be the bringer of news from the beyond. Spirits and other channels have
been communicating with the help of this mystical bird. Working as the messenger for the dead
it has also been prophesized at the form that spirits take to depart to the world of the dead and
All this has also been witnessed in the sky. It forms a small part of an even bigger constellation
that has been tied to the world and folklore of Hades. If you are interested in knowing more,
you should get in touch with books that deal in astronomy.