Leo Minor Constellation: Facts & Myths

Ever looked at the sky and tried to make pictures by connecting the dots called stars? The world of stars and galaxy is so fascinating that no one can keep them from thinking about them. They hide many stories in them, and the interesting fact is these stars are connected to human life and birth. There are 88 constellations in the sky, but very few are visible from naked eyes. But you know what this number 88 is only a small counting of the infinite constellations which our galaxy have.

The aim of this article is to satisfy your curiosity and questions which you have regarding the galaxies and constellations. Here you will get details about one of the most loved and frequently searched constellation called Leo Minor.

Leo Minor

88 constellations have been found by the astronauts, and Leo Minor is one of those constellations. This constellation has been named as Leo Minor because it forms a small image of a lion. This constellation is found in the northern celestial bodies and has got its name from the Latin word Leo which means β€œthe smaller lion.” Leo Minor has to struggle to get the name of a separate constellation because classical astronauts refused to accept it as a constellation. The reason of the refusal was the size of the constellation, however, in the year 1687, Leo Minor got the identity of a separate constellation by the astronaut Johannes Hevelius.

Leo Minor has 37 stars which are brighter than the apparent magnitude of 6.5 in the constellation. Leo Minor also have three stars which are brighter than the magnitude of 2.5. One of its star (named as 46 Leonis Minoris is located around 95 light years away from earth. Leo minors are also counted in the list of brightest star of Leo Minor because it has the brightness of magnitude 3.8 and looks orange in color because of its brightness.

Know Leo Minor more closely

Leo Minor is small in size and covers an area of 232 sq. Deg. Which stands at the rank 64 in the size of constellations. The three brightest stars of Leo Minor are:

  • 46 Leonis minors are the brightest star of the constellation Leo Minor as it has got magnitude 3.8. The star is very giant and seems to appear in color orange because of its shine and brightness. One of the interesting fact about this star is that it is said to be situated at 95 light years from our earth.
  • Coming to the second brightest star of constellation Leo Minor, beta leonis minors has got the position of the second brightest star. This star has a magnitude of 4.4 and is the only star in the constellation which has got the Bayer designation.
  • 21 Leonis minoris is the third brightest star in the constellation and has got magnitude 4.5.

Apart from these three stars, Leo Minor has also got two stars which have planetary system along with the pair of interacting galaxies.