Monoceros Constellation: Facts & Myths

The set of stars that make up the Monoceros have got quite a famous story behind them. It is said that the scene is a popular depiction from many of the ancient literature and texts. It takes the form of a unicorn that is dipping its horn in the pond to purify the water for rest of the animals that stand next to it. In the constellation too, there are other animals depicted from around the myth. Unicorns have always held a special place in tales and stories. It is said that they are beings with supernatural powers and can bring about a change in the surroundings around them.

This popular concept found its origin story in the fascination that surrounds the unicorn. Said to be of divine origins, it has been popularly pursued through history by many famed characters and there have always been some of the other mythological reference surrounding it.

Another story about the Monoceros constellation tells the story of a unicorn being pursued by the hunter dogs and trying to find shelter in the woods amongst other animals. This one too has found quite a bit of mythological references in its history by being compared to a tale where the Gods had set out for a hunt. It is bordered by OrionGeminiCanis Major and Hydra on the four sides.

When it comes to the size, it is quite a considerable one too. It ranks 35th on the scale of 88 constellations in all. There are a large number of stars that make it up, all of which can be traced out on a clear night from your rooftop or with the help of a telescope. Those who are interested in stargazing activities often employ the help of star charts to find out more and more constellations. Regardless of all others that are visible to the naked eye, this one continues to be one of the most elaborate ones that are sought out.

A starry night

Making use of advanced technology and tracking sheets, many people have become self-professed astronomers. They make use of the limited amount of resources that they can get their hands on to advance their research and interest. It leads further into a field of wider constellations that make up a bigger picture when taken all together. It takes years of practice to be able to trace out each one on a clear night’s sky without the help of a star chart or guide.

If you are someone who is interested in such a field, then make sure that you are getting the best of equipment and can trace out at least some of the patterns. In times gone by, the stars were used as a map to find a way home on a clear night, compasses were not always around, and when they were not, it was up to the human eye and position of stars to find the correct way around the seas and unchartered territories.

Monoceros & modern times

The importance of constellations has not yet dwindled. They are studied even on preset days to make sure that one can get the most out of their limited resources. They at least provide us with a known system of stars to look at and search for lives on other systems. Some planets orbits each or a majority of stars in this system. These planets are viewed as probable hosts for life-sustaining conditions. The Monoceros is no different. Stargazers have long made it a topic of their interest and debate.