Orion Constellation: Facts & Myths

The word Orion has derived from the ancient Greek mythology. It was the name of a human hunter sent to the constellation. It is one of the brightest and well-known constellations of the space.

The word constellation refers to the group of celestial body ought to form a particular shape. It has been known from the earlier ancient history.

The history carries the different story regarding this constellation however the most widespread is the one when he met with the daughter of Oenopion (an ancient Greek king), Merope. Initially, this hunter was the fiancé of Merope but after the betrayal, he was blinded by Oenopion.

He gained his vision at the Lemnos (a Greek island) and his death occurred by the bow of Artemis.

What is Orion Constellation?

This celestial body is visible to the entire world at the end of last quarter and beginning of new quarter of the year.

The study says its inclination is 5 degree and it has been formed by the belt of Alnilam, Mintaka, Alnitak stars.

These three are the major star of this constellation. The southern hemisphere can best view this constellation in the northwestern sky and northern hemisphere notice it at the southwestern sky. Rigel and Betelgeuse, two of the brightest star of the celestial body come into this constellation.

Size and Dimension of Orion Constellation

This is the 26th largest constellation of the celestial body and it contains two brightest stars.

The dimension of this celestial body is 500 square degree approx. The history says Orion was a handsome hunter who fell in love with the seven sisters, Pleiades.

Zeus scooped them to the sky in the form of a constellation. The hunter has another constellation whereas the Pleiades are represented by the identical star cluster named Taurus.

The concept of Orion Constellation

The concept of this constellation is almost similar to the history.

It is believed that this constellation stands erect facing the constellation Taurus. It can still be seen chasing the seven sisters across space.

According to the Sumerian mythology, it is believed that hunter is fighting the ox.

They call Orion as the ‘light of heaven’ and bull as the ‘bull of heaven’. The myth is this celestial body is visible fighting against the bull of Taurus in the sky.

However, then Greek myths do not include any such wording.

Talk Regarding the Death of Orion

Every myth has a different story in regard to this constellations. The most famous is the death of the hunter by the Scorpion.

The story says the hunter boasted to the Artemis that he can kill any of the beasts on the planet.

The goddess sent him the scorpion which stung him to the death. According to the other story the hunter was killed by the scorpion while saving Leto.

All the story carries the same outcome for death. In the celestial body it is considered; both the constellation and scorpion are ought to be placed in the opposite direction of the sky.

There is also a story that doesn’t take scorpion into consideration. According to this story, the hunter was killed by the goddess of hunter Artemis.

Artemis brother Apollo dared her to shoot a small target at some distance. Goddess didn’t new it was the hunter she shot him with the arrow. She was devastated by the death of her lover and placed her up in the sky as the star.

Thus, Orion constellation is one of the well-known constellations of the space. The various myths have a different story regarding his placement in the stars and deaths.