Piscis Austrinus Constellation: Facts & Myths

One of the fascinating hobbies that one could do is stargazing and it is something that not all of us are familiar with. The problem is because of a lack of education towards the night sky but for the ones that are interested in it, getting to know about is hardly a big deal. We are going to look at constellations, in particular, today and we are solely going to focus on one particular constellation by the name of Piscis Austrinus. So let us get to it without any further ado!

What is Piscis Austrinus?

  • Most subjects that we know of have strong Greek and Latin references. This particular constellation has the latter and Piscis Austrinus stands for ‘The Southern Fish’.
  • It is also more commonly called as The Southern Fish as well owing to its shape and size, and also because of the fact of how convenient it is to remember it that way instead of the Latin name because names associated to characteristics are easier to remember and also makes them interesting as well!
  • This constellation was also one of the earliest ones to be found in history. It has roots going back to the Babylonian times and was also considered several times over the years, in each era such as the 2nd century and 16th century.
  • Fomalhaut is one of the stars belonging to it that is prominent because of how bright it is and since it is also one of the well-known and easily observable stars in the sky, one can easily get to know about the constellation as well in great detail.
  • The myths surrounding The Southern Fish is also quite fascinating. It is not just entitled to a single myth but a variety of them and with each of them representing different stories and cultures, which we will look into now.
  • The first instance is the Babylonian one where the fish (The constellation) is represented as a hero after saving one of its Goddesses who fell in a river.
  • The next is the Greek’s version where it was considered along with a noticeable constellation by the name of Aquarius. The representation goes by Aquarius, who was a water bearer happened to pour water into the mouth of The Southern Fish.
  • In another version, it is considered along with the constellation Pisces. In this particular version, The Greek Goddess Aphrodite supposedly took the form of a fish and later turned two of the fish who helped her and her son out, as a token of her appreciation.
  • The myths don’t stop as there is an Egyptian reference as well, with this one similar to that of Greek Mythology, where the Egyptian Goddess Isis honored the fish who saved her life as a constellation in the night sky.
  • It is quite fascinating that a single constellation could have so many representations. But, perhaps, this is why this constellation is particular well-known when compared to its contemporaries, perhaps citing all the more reason for people to dwell on this particular constellation more than any other.
  • But, of course, there are other constellations which come with their own sense of hidden delights which people are yet to discover, but Piscis Austrinus does give amazing delights on its own.

Insights on Piscis Austrinus

Looking into Piscis Austrinus in great detail, we can easily come to the conclusion that this constellation is quite simply, a remarkable one. With so much to offer from its beautiful shape to its abundant myths, the constellation certainly makes up for more than just its name, by becoming a beacon of marvel, in the end!