Information & FAQ

What is star naming/star baptism?

A star will symbolically get a name which is chosen by you. The star can have any name you want!

Are emojis and special characters allowed on the star naming certificate?

Yes ! 🙂

How bright are the stars?

We baptize/name only the brightest and only really visible stars.

Which baptism date should I choose?

You can enter today’s date, or an important day in the future or from the past.

How long may the dedication be/how many characters do I have?

The dedication can be as long as you like. However, we will adapt it to the certificate! So if you want a lot of text on your certificate, the font will be smaller. We recommend using a maximum of 5-6 sentences.

What is the format of the certificate?

The certificate is in DIN A4 format.

How do I find my star?

You can find your star using the star map provided, free apps or the computer software

What does a star cost me?

You can get our stars from 39,90€ including free shipping

Where can I find the star register?

You can reach the star register at

How do I reach Interstellarium?

You can send us an e-mail to or contact us using the contact form.