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Can the NASA sell you a star?

We often get the question asked if we’re in any way affiliated with the NASA (we’re not) or if we could ask the NASA to sell them or us a star (we can’t).

This blog post is about the NASA and why you can’t buy a star from them. Have a fun reading!

Who is the NASA?

The abbreviation NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA sends probes and rockets into space to explore space. In this way, special measurement data can be obtained.

Among other things, scientists have long been investigating whether life on another planet is possible.

For example, they are investigating how plants grow in a weightless state.

What’s NASA’s goal?

NASA was founded in 1958 and has been investigating space ever since.

Because it is quite big and much is still undiscovered.

Therefore the space agency has the goal to increase the knowledge about the universe and to explore unknown things.

This has already brought many benefits to the people on earth.

With the help of satellites in space we can watch TV or use a navigation system, for example.

What are some projects from the near future?

NASA is working on various projects. The researchers want to send astronauts to the moon again by 2024.

They are working on using the Moon as a stopover so that the astronauts can then travel on to other destinations.

For example, expeditions from the Moon to the planet Mars should become possible.

However, some of the problems that arise during these expeditions still need to be solved.

After all, the journey to Mars takes a very long time. In theory, a flight to Mars is possible.

But there is still no technology to bring the astronauts back to Earth.

From Earth, NASA employees observe the sky and search for new planets.

Satellites sent into space by NASA also search for planets outside our solar system.

But NASA is also concerned with the Earth. From above, scientists observe what changes are happening on Earth.

For example, they observe the ice sheets and how the sea level changes.

NASA is also working to improve flight technology and develop new technologies.

Robots and satellites are sent to distant planets and asteroids to take samples from the ground and from the air.

They then bring them back to earth for research.

Why you can’t buy a star from NASA

So as you can see, you actually can’t buy a star from NASA because that’s just not their “business model” and they don’t really care about naming stars.

NASA is more like a tech-company which builds robots and space ships to explore space.

Where you can actually buy a star name from

If you really want to buy a star and gift it to someone then you can use a private star-naming service like ours at

Every star is registered with the International Stellar Database and you’ll receive a star-naming gift package which can be given to your loved ones.

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Thanks for this info. I was literally one of those people who searched in Google if I could name a star with nasa.