Ara Constellation: Characteristics & Facts

About the Ara constellation: It’s always interesting for anyone to know and read about the space and the things present in the space, fromm the Sun to the moon and stars they are all an essential part of the space system. There are also several things located in space that are not so much known to us. However, we know a lot about the Ara constellation which is also a constellation that is located in the space system having plenty of characteristics and interesting facts.Ara Constellation

Ara Constellation

Facts about the Ara constellation

The Ara constellation is one of the smallest constellations and it is located in the southern sky; it can always be seen in the southern direction of the sky. Its name is implemented from the Greek language and normally means “the alter “for knowing further information about this constellation Ara we should have to point out the following assumptions made by the scientists who discovered much about the space system.

Characteristics of the Ara constellation

The given constellation is located in the southern direction of the sky this common thing we had known; now we want to read and understand the several properties that the given constellation have. Following are the main properties of the constellation:

Shape and measurement

The constellation is triangular in shape means it structure is almost like a triangle, so the constellation will look like a triangular body that is located in the space system. Having a triangular shape, the constellation covers 237 square degrees in the present third quadrant of southern direction or hemisphere. Its size is considered as to have the 63rd in the ranking of the constellation.


Like we already know that nothing is freely moving means all the things present there are surrounded by some of the nearby things, so does the Ara constellation have. There are almost seven constellations present there who the neighbors are of the given constellation; the neighboring constellations of this constellation are ApusNormaPavo, and Scorpius. The remaining constellations are Telescopium and Corona-AustralisTriangulum-Australe

Main stars of Ara constellation

We know that this constellation is a queue of stars or a line which can be straight or not having the stars in a line, so obviously, the ara constellation also has total six or seven stars. The stars of this constellation are given as:

Beta Arae: the brightest star.
Alpha Arae: its main feature is its spinning.
Gama Arae: known as blue-white located 574 light years away.
Mu Arae: situated about 50 light years from the earth.
Epsilon Arae: This is the main sequence star.
Tales or myths about the constellation:
There are plenty of stories or myths are related to this constellation, One of the most known is that Ara was considered as an altar on which the long debate was done the ancient time. In the other story, the Ara presents the altar of Lyacon story that was related to the king.