Scorpius Constellation: Facts & Myths

There are a lot of star gazers out there who can boast of tracing out all of the 48 constellations that are visible in the night sky. When one makes for a certain group of stars, it is generally the location that needs to be tracked but when it comes to the Scorpius, it is also the time of the year that has to be accounted for. One must know that there are quite a large number of constellations that peek out from their celestial abode only once in a long while. Thus, if you want to track the movement of this particular group of stars then you would require not only an in depth knowledge but also the patience to wait for the right time of the year. Most star gazers have it marked out on their calendar to get a head start on the preparations that need to be done so that they may view it in its entirety. After all, not all constellations are visible from one point on the planet. Therefore finding out where to be at the right point of time is just as important as it is to know what time to look up in the sky.

The more you learn about such constellations, the more you are forced to devote attention to it. The field is an interesting one in itself. It attracts a number of followers and students per year, astronomy is one of the most loved subject if the constraints of academic testing were removed. Many students find their interest peaked at the mere mention of this field. When you dive deeper into the field you would know that there are a lot more factors at play than just those that you see on the surface. Every star that makes up the constellation has got its own significance. The Scorpius is made up of a large number of stars and thus making it a relatively difficult constellation to master. People have spent a large amount of time to get to know it by heart and locate the position of each star on the open night sky. Making out from the ones that are adjacent to it, one can find out stories and folklore associated to it. The name in itself can give birth to a number of fantasies and imaginations. You too can get to learn it all if you do decide to invest a significant amount of time and effort into it. But at the end of the day, it all is worth it.

Roaming the night sky:

There are multiple stories that relate to how the constellation Scorpius came to be. One of the most famous one is the Greek one. According to it when Orion threatened to assume the form of a beast and kill off every being on the planet then the god of hunting Artemis sent the scorpion to slay Orion. The two beasts fought for quite some time before the scorpion emerged victorious and defeated Orion. In honor of the deed that it had just accomplished, the supreme god Zeus, decided to raise it to the level of the cosmos and thus turning it into a constellation to be there for all times to come.

There is another story that states something similar but with just a little twist in the story. According to the latter one, the constellation was actually a scorpion that did defeat Orion in a battle but the back story is a little different. Orion had set out to march upon the home of mankind but not with the aim to destroy them but rather to rule over them. When he came face to face with the scorpion that was sent by the Gods to stop him, a deadly battle ensued. Over the course of many days they fought and finally the scorpion emerged victorious.

The battle was of such epic magnitude that it came within the notice of the god Zeus, who then decided to elevate the scorpion in stature in honor of the deed that it had just accomplished. Later on the request of Artemis himself, he also raised Orion, as a reminder to man to curb their ambitions and a lesson that being over ambitious is never a good thing.

The zodiac:

But that is not all about the Scorpius, it is also a zodiac sign and quite a popular one at that. Those who are born under it are considered to be better than the others on some grounds while inviting criticism on the others. It has got certain unique distinctions and some rather unique shortcomings too. We will explore those too in a little detail. The positive qualities include determination and loyalty. If you are a Scorpio or know someone who has this for a zodiac sign then you must have borne witness to the above mentioned qualities. Also, they are secretive and obstinate too. If they fix their mind on something, they want it at all costs. They will not back off even in the face of huge odds that has sometimes led to their being the cause of fallouts.

They are secretive and know how to hold a grudge too. If you plan to wrong a Scorpio then do so with extreme caution. They remember things well into the past and can recall instances of betrayal with extreme intensity. They are also known to have anger issues and lack of control over their emotions. They are overly emotional and this had led them to making many a wrong decision in their life. Overall, they are brave, loyal, and faithful and know how to pay their dues. On the flip side they are moody and not too careful with their emotions and often end up paying the price for their emotional transgressions.

So this was the story of the Scorpius, there have been many things that have been mentioned in this article, hopefully a few of them would have interested you.