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How Many Stars Are There In The Sky?

Question: How many stars can you see in the sky with the naked eye? How many are there?

If we assume that stars with an apparent magnitude of up to 6.0 mag can be seen with the naked eye, then there are about 6,000 stars in the entire sky. From a fixed point of view, this means around 3,000.

The apparent brightness indicates how bright a celestial body appears to an observer on Earth – the smaller the class, the brighter the object.

The Sun, as the brightest celestial body visible from Earth, is assigned to the size class -26.8 mag, the Moon -12.5 mag, and the brightest visible stars belong to the size class 0 mag. Sirius as the brightest has the apparent magnitude of -1.4 mag.

Whether all these stars can actually be observed, however, depends on many factors. F

irst of all, the natural horizon usually restricts the view of the sky. In big cities with their haze bell and “light pollution” you see fewer stars than in less inhabited (and illuminated) areas.

Physiological reasons also limit the number of visible stars. Children see more stars than adults because their pupils are larger and therefore they can “catch” more light with their eyes.

With age, the pupil diameter becomes smaller, the lens becomes cloudy and various diseases and degenerations of the eye occur.

The consumption of alcohol, fatigue, personal fitness and adaptation to darkness are other factors that influence the number of stars actually seen.

It is also difficult to give information about whether one can see more stars in summer or winter. In fact, different stars and constellations are visible at different times of the year, as well as in places of different latitudes.

This is due to the fact that the earth rotates around the sun, so that different parts of the sky are covered by the sun at different times of the year.

In addition, winter nights are longer and darker than summer nights and therefore more suitable for observing stars.

However, for a given location, one can give an approximate number of stars up to a certain magnitude that are in the sky. For example, you can see approx. 2500 stars if you’re living in Europe.

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