How much does it cost to buy a star name?

The quick and easy answer to “How much does it cost to buy a star name”: Anything between between 19,90 USD and up to 200,00 USD (and more) – it depends on what you actually want.

how much does it cost to buy a star name

Cost of naming a star

If you want to name a star for someone, of course the costs do matter as your budget is probably limited or you just don’t want to spend so much on a gift.

The price differs and depends on the type of star you want to name OR the extras that go along with it.

The price of buying a normal, visible star

For example, if you want to name a normal, visible star at Interstellarium, the price will be 39,90 USD. 

For that price, you’ll get two beautifully designed high-quality certificates, a high-quality star map, instrucions on how to find your star and a mobile app.

Our service focues on the design, which is printed on 180g/m² high-glossy paper using the latest printing technologies.

So you might get your normal star at another company cheaper, but the star might not be visible (every star we name is visible) and the certificates quality might be poor.

The cost to adopt a star in a zodiac constellation

A star in a zodiac constellation is more expensive than a normal, visible star.

Why is that? The reasons are simple: There are fewer of them and they are brighter, that’s why they cost more, other than that, in most cases, you’d receive the same offer or package as if you were to name a normal star.

If you want to name a star in a zodiac at Interstellarium, it will cost you 59,90 USD.

The cost and price of naming a binary star

So what does it cost to name a binary star? The price at Interstellarium is 79,90 USD for a binary star, but why is it so much more expensive than a normal star?

The answer: A binary star is one of the brightest star types which you’ll be able to find at the night sky and don’t forget that you’re basically naming two stars at the same time.

More about the costs and prices of star naming at Interstellariums Social Sites

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