Visible Star

(23 customer reviews)

34.90 £ inc. VAT/GST & Free Shipping

  • Bright star, 100% visibility from your country
  • 2 certificate copies, printed on 180g/mĀ² high-quality glossy paper
  • star map to find your star
  • Premium-Quality Portfolio Folder
  • Lifelong entry into the ISDā€™s database
  • BONUS: Stargazing mobile app

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30 day refund guarantee if you’re not happy

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If you choose “delivery via E-Mail” you’ll receive your copy within 24hrs.

Average worldwide delivery time of your physical copy is 14 to 28 days, depending on your location your certificates might get delivered earlier.

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Visible StarĀ 

Are you on the lookout for a ā€œstellarā€ birthday gift or a gift for someoneā€™s wedding? Our originalĀ name a star giftĀ package allows you to dedicate a beautiful, clearly visible star to someone special.

Youā€™ll receive detailed information to help you track down your star with merelyĀ your eyes and a stargazing app which allows stargazingĀ all day long.

What do you get if you name a star?

Two high-quality star certificates

Presentation folder

Professional star map

Entry into the star registry

Personal dedication

A cleary visible normal star

Planetarium software and mobile app

Delivery Information You Need To Know

Our working hours are from 9 am to 17 pm (Mo ā€“ Fri)

If you place your order before 2 pm, we will dispatch it on the same day. If we receive your order after 2 pm, we willĀ ship your order the next working day.

Delivery by E-mailĀ is done within 24hĀ during working days

Average worldwide delivery time of the physical copy is 14-28 days

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23 reviews for Visible Star

  1. Edward (verified owner)

    I am really pleased with the presentation of the gift and everything else

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    I bought this becaus I thought it was romantic and unique. Would definitly buy again.

  3. AngelMia (verified owner)

    I boug this for my angel Mia – I hope she can see us from heaven.

  4. Jake (verified owner)

    they were quick, got my e-mail within 12h, 5*

  5. Damian (verified owner)

    Wasn’t disappointed at all, loved the gifts.

  6. JJ (verified owner)

    I took a little bit longer to get delivered, everything else was as promised.

  7. Richard K. (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gift for my sons wedding. The star-naming was a very fun gift, everybody tried to find the star – and well, we did find it. thanks for this amazing gift.

  8. Dylan (verified owner)

    not happy

  9. michaeljordan (verified owner)

    I don’t have much to say. Everything as described.

  10. Matthew (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  11. Patricia (verified owner)

    great service, nice gift

  12. Harper

    LOVE IT!!!! 5********

  13. Liam Brown

    Everything as expected. Thanks.

  14. Aoife

    It took 6 days to get delivered because of corona ( i am not in a hurry, buyng this for christmas )

    everythings nice, shiny & “feels” high quality. worth the price.

  15. Donthaveone

    Fast & uncomplicated. I am very happy.

  16. Victoria

    5*** for the visibility. I can see the star. Named a star once somewhere else and it wasn’t visible.

  17. Cheryl B K (verified owner)

    loved the items, thank you.

  18. Nik (verified owner)

    Very nice gift. Was very well recieved.

  19. LeoThe King (verified owner)

    Great gift, but I think my star is not bright enough to be seen…

  20. Sam F. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and nice packaging. Very pleased.

  21. Mason (verified owner)

    I bought a star-naming gift somewhere else at first, I guess most people here know the store but the quality was so poor that i would’ve been embarassed to have it myself so l named a star here and this ones something! very beautifully printed certificates and packaging. cant compare it to the first one i got from the other store.

  22. Darren

    It was recommended to me I am very pleased it was there in 3 days and find it very great thank you for your efforts.

  23. Bryan (verified owner)

    I’ve chatted with Noelle and she helped me decide which star to name, because I thought maybe I’d need a binary star, but she said this one’s okay, too. 5**** for the customer service.

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