Name A Star And Make Your Loved Ones Smile in 2020 ( Or Forever! )

How To Make Your Loved Ones Smile (AGAIN) & Love You MORE Without Embarrassing Yourself By Buying A Low-Quality Certificate OR Naming An Unvisible Star

If you are like most people who want to name a star, you probably want to make someone smile and surprise them with something truly extraordinary.

This unique gift is able to exactly do that and make those moments last in our memories forever.

But to do that, you have to avoid these two crucial mistakes which almost everybody makes the first time they name a star that could ruin this special moment ( because It happened to me, too!).

The fact is, it doesn’t matter if you want to name a star as a gift for someone’s birthday, or as a memorial gift for someone you deeply care about or for your soulmate, whom you love unconditionally, you have to avoid these two mistakes…

My First Mistake When Naming A Star:
 Don’t Buy Too Cheap Or You Might Regret It…

I was searching for a gift for my then-girlfriend – now wife’s birthday.

It had to be something special, an experience which we wouldn’t forget that easily.

So a friend had this amazing idea: “Hey, why don’t you name a star after her? You could go stargazing together and have a great, romantic night.

I immediately loved the idea.

As you could imagine, I went online and immediately searched for star naming services.

At first, I couldn’t decide at which star naming company I wanted to name my star and just went with the cheapest one.

And it wasn’t long before I realized how stupid of an idea this was.

Here’s exactly what happened.

At first, the star naming package arrived at the expected delivery date and I was excited.

But after opening the package and checking the certificate, I was devastated.

In short, the quality of the certificate was so low and everything looked so cheap that I
would’ve been embarrassed to even give it to my dog!

It was a complete disaster. Totally not befitting an occasion like this.

So I had no choice, I went again to another star company, one that was much more expensive and paid 3x the amount compared to the first one.

The new package arrived, I opened it, smelled the freshly printed certificate and yes, it was
of high quality.

I was very happy with my purchase and went stargazing with my girlfriend the next day.

I told her that I named a star after her and that I loved her.

She had tears in her eyes when I said that.

So this was a success. 

But the truth is, buying a higher quality star naming gift would have saved me a lot of trouble, time ( I might have missed her birthday as I had to order twice) and money.

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My Second Mistake When Naming A Star: If You’re Buying Or Naming A Star, Make Sure It’s Visible…

So, the next time I named a star was for a friend who’d lost his father.

Armed with the lesson from the previous experience, I decided not to go penny-pinching.

I wanted to give him something special and tell him that I really cared about him and that I
was really sad about his loss.

So I named a star after his father and gave it to him as a present.

He was very happy when I gave him the gift and told me, the next time he’d stay up late he’d try to see his “Dad”.

A few days passed and he called me “Hey Arthur, thanks again for naming a star after my
Dad, but it probably would’ve been better if the star was actually visible because I checked it
and it’s not”

One doesn’t need to be a genius to comprehend how embarrassed I was.

Here I was with another mistake, buying a star which nobody could see.

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The Reason Why Interstellarium Exists…

You see, after thinking it through. I thought of the thousands of people just like me who had been robbed of that special moment to show the
love of their life or a friend, how much they mean to them.

And that’s why we’ve created, so you don’t have to experience the expensive
pitfalls and problems I had when naming a star.

We want to help you make your loved ones smile and love you without the same problems
which I had to face when naming a star.

That’s why we guarantee you that every named star is visible from any place around the earth.

It doesn’t matter in which country or time zone you are from, we’ll make sure that your star is
100% visible at night.

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180g/m² Thick, High-Quality, Glossy Star Certificates

This is our offer’s most important part. The star certificate’s quality.

You probably want your loved ones to hang it proudly on the wall.

That’s why we‘ll make sure that they can do that by providing one of the best quality prints humanly possible.

Your certificate will be printed on 180g/m² thick high-glossy paper using the latest printing
processes and technologies.

You’d even want us to print your holiday pictures, I bet you on that one!

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What Happy Customers Say After Buying A “Name A Star Gift Package“: 9 Out Of 10 Would Recommend Us

What’s included in my star naming package?

  • A very bright star, 100% visible from your country
  • 2 certificate copies, printed on 180g/m² high-quality glossy paper
  • Easy-to-use star map to find your star
  • Premium-Quality Portfolio Folder
  • Lifelong entry into the ISD’s database
  • BONUS: Stargazing mobile app
  • BONUS: 90-Day-100%-Happy-Or-Money-Back-Guarantee

Hassle-Free Returns
No questions asked, 90 days return policy

Fast Shipping
All orders are shipped in 1-3 business days

Secure Checkout
SSL Enabled Secure Checkout

30-Days-“100%-Happy”-No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back Guarantee

I don’t want to use corporate language or sound like a lawyer so here’s the deal: 

If you are not 100% happy
, then write an e-mail to my customer service or directly to me at and I’ll take care of any problem you might have

And if you want your money back, I’ll guarantee you, you’ll get a refund
 – no questions asked.

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This gift is not for everyone!

Even thought we think, that star naming is a great idea it is also obviously NOT the best choice for some people. 

You probably shouldn’t name a star if you

  • need a cheap gift
  • don’t really love your “soulmate”
  • don’t really want to remember special ocassions, f.e. birthdays
  • don’t want to remember your loved ones which passed away (in case of a memorial gift)

How To Name A Star After Someone At

Ok, so this is how you make a purchase on ( VERY easy, trust me on this one!) 

You can either watch the video below or follow the written instructions:

1.Go to the Shop-Page and choose your star

2. You have the choice between a normal star, a binary star and a star in a zodiac constellation.

3. After that, you can choose the luminosity of the star (visible in villages or visible in cities)

4. Please choose the name of the star and the date of the star naming (can be any date in the past or future)

5. Choose the dedication or leave it blank if you don’t want one

6. Choose multiple hard copies if you want to or other extras

7. Please choose your preferred payment method & go to checkout

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What happens after you’ve made your purchase

After you’ve made the purchase the following will happen: 

You’ll immediatly receive a confirmation e-mail that we’ve received your order and we will start working on it. 

After that one of our employes will check your order, proofread it and edit your star certificate.

You will get an e-mail once your order was shipped. 

Within the next few days, the star will be registered into the ISD’s star name database.

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Can you name a star as a gift?

Yes, you can! Naming a star as a gift ( “name a star gift certificates” ) is as easy as buying a pair of shoes. Please go to our Shop page and choose the star you’d like to name and follow the simple instructions.

Can you name a star after someone at NASA?

The NASA does not name any stars. It’s a space agency which builds rockets and stuff like that.

Where can I name a star gift for free?

There are probably some websites online where you can name a star for free – but you we don’t do that. Using our service, you get full documentation and a gift package and not just a number at a database.

Where can I read some reviews?

If you want to read some “name a star reviews”, you can check the reviews former customers made at our product pages.

I live in the UK – Can I name a star as a gift in the United Kindgom?

We’re glad you asked! Whether you live in the UK or Ireland you can name a star after someone as a gift and we’ll ship it to you within 2-3 days.

I am from the US / United States – Can I name a star at Interstellarium?

Of course! If you live in the United States then the shipping time will be about 3-7 days and we’d be glad to have you as our customer.

I am from Canada – Can I name a star which is visible in Canada?

To customers from Canada apply the same rules as customers from the United States. We’re really glad you’re on our site and we’d be happy to serve you. Shipping time to Canada will be 3-7 days.

I want to name a star for someone in Australia – Is it possible to ship it to Australia?

We have often customers who have family in Canada, the UK or New Zealand and want to send them a name a star gift. We’re also shipping to Australia – you yourself don’t have to live there to be able to ship something, we’ll take care of that.

What If I am from India? Is it possible to buy a star if I live in India?

We’re happy that you want to name a star in India. Yes, it is possible! Average shipping time is 3-7 days to India.

Can I buy a name a star gift for someone in New Zealand?

Yes, you can! For customers from New Zealand the same rules apply as if you’re from Australia. Average shipping time is about 3-7 days till you can hold the name a star gift certificates in your hands.

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