What kind of stars are for sale?

What kind of stars are for sale? We often get questions like this from our customers who are naming a star for the first time. The other question we often get is “what’s the actual difference between those stars?”.

The types of stars we offer

There are currently three different star types in our portfolio that we offer to our customers at Interstellarium. These three star types are “normal stars” (or also called “visible star”), “stars in constellations” and “binary stars”.

So what are the differences between those stars?

Astronomical differences

The first difference is of course the “astronomical” one. The normal stars or “visible stars” are just that – they are stars. Compared to other star naming companies you’ll get only the brightest stars at Interstellarium.

That’s the reason we’re calling our product “visible” because other companies might sell you a star which is not visible at all.

Binary stars are stars which are very bright and also visible. The difference is that these are two stars which circle around another.

A star in a constellation is a star which is part of a constellation. These are very bright stars in the night sky and can be seen almost everywhere on earth.

We’re only offering the twelve zodiac constellations to choose from.


One of the other differences which one might argue is luminosity. Binary stars are typically the brightest stars in the night sky.

Many binary stars are part of constellations so if you buy a star in a constellation you might also get a binary star (however this is not guaranteed)


One of the biggest differences between the stars which are for sale is the occasion to which they are gifte.

A normal, visible star can be gifted to any occasion. You can’t do anything wrong by naming a normal, visible star.

The next one is a bit trickier. Binary stars are “two” stars so the occasions to which they are sold or bought are in most cases events like the Valentine’s day or if twins have birthdays.

The binary star is also gifted to events such as weddings.

A star in a constellation – especially ours – is meant to be bought for birthdays. As we’re specifically only offering zodiac constellations it’s the perfect match up.


Not every star which is for sale is perfect for your occasion. Please think about the occasion before making a purchase to that your star fits the occasion. That’s about the biggest difference between those stars.

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