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Best 9 Places For Stargazing In Sidney Australia

So you want take your girlfriend somewhere special, or you want to go with your friends and gaze a little bit into the stars, to do this task in Sydney is a more than daunting task – sometimes – because light pollution is just that bad and makes stargazing in Sydney really difficult.

I know what you’re thinking right now, what the hell is light pollution? That is all the light which a city is emitting into the night sky which makes it difficult to spot the stars.

Nevertheless, I made some effort and put a list together where you can actually use your telescope (or someone else’s).

Dark-Sky Sites around Sidney

Dark Sky Sites are great. They are basically “official” heritage and nominated by the International Dark-Sky Association. Dark-Sky sites have almost zero light pollution and you can see the stars with your naked eyes.

You don’t need a telescope or other instruments, your eyes are enough.

Warrumbungle National Park, Coonabarabran

I know, this is not really Sidney anymore – but only like 5-6 hours away (yay!) this official dark-sky site is one of the best three places on planet earth to view some stars.

Even though they have an observatory, you won’t really be able to use it because professional astronomers and scientists will use it ones it gets dark outside. So get ready to have your own telescope with you or as I said before – your eyes are enough.

Wiruna, Blue Mountains

Okay, let me tell you this: The ASNSW.COM’s website is almost non-existent. Check out if you don’t believe me. And some might think that Wiruna doesn’t exist either.

But it does and it is actually their “premier dark sky site” where they host stargazing events from beginners till professionals. If you want to know more about their stargazing events, go to their “meetings and events” page.

Terrey Hills, Northern Beaches

25 km north of Sidney lies Terrey Hills which is the Northern Sydney Astronomical Society’s secret hideout (I am just joking). Amateurs and professionals meet there for stargazing events.

Of course, it is not as great as a dark-sky site, but being only 25km away from Sidney, this is one of the best spots for some spontaneous stargazing.

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