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Best Places In Dublin To Learn More About The Stars

Astronomy Ireland is the most popular astronomy club in the world.

Since many years evening courses for beginners are offered by them. Since then thousands of people have taken part in these courses, making them by far the most popular astronomy courses in Ireland.

You are welcome whether or not you are a member of Astronomy Ireland.

Classes start on Tuesday 6 October and last for 8 consecutive weeks for 2 hours, starting at 7:30am with a break in the middle. The lessons are suitable for young and old. No knowledge of astronomy, science or mathematics is required. You can just sit back and enjoy 8 classes.

Course content

The course lasts 8 weeks and covers the following topics

Night Sky Introduction

Learn more about the night sky and many amazing sights like the Milky Way

Sun and moon

Learn more about the Sun and Moon, their history, how they influence us on Earth and how they work together during a solar eclipse

Planets and stars

Learn how the planets that make up our solar system and other stars are compared to the Sun

History of astronomy

Learn how the entire history, including the builders of Newgrange, studied astronomy


Learn how to set up and use the telescope yourself

You will also learn how stars get their names officially. Though if you want to name a star in Ireland as a symbolic gift, you can visit our homepage at and choose your own symbolic star gift.

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