Stars Ireland

360 View On Irelands Directions

East Ireland

The east coast offers hidden charms, the Wicklow Mountains in the south of Dublin for hiking or a visit to Glendalough Monastery.

West of the city is the vast expanse of The Currag in County Kildare, also the best horse country.

Visit the Horse Museum at Kildare and don’t miss the chance to see thoroughbreds galloping across the open spaces.

To the north, visitors will find farmland.

Places you have to visit: Wicklow Mountains, Waterford Crystal, Newgrange, Bru na Boinne Irish Heritage

Southern Ireland

… of Ireland impressed by the wild Atlantic Ocean, sharp-edged rocks and light green meadows, which resemble an advertisement of Kerrygold.
The most famous attraction is the Ring of Kerry. All those who like to be outdoors can explore the Ring by swimming, by bike, on foot or on horseback.

Places you have to visit: Cork, kiss the stone of Blarney, Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula

Western Ireland

This part of the country is dominated by pure magic: naked limestone rocks in The Burren, mountainous Connemara, deserted coasts.

Special highlight, the Gaelic speaking Aran Islands Inishmaan, Inisheer and Inishmore.

The West is the part of the country where the Gaelic culture and language is best preserved.

In the houses there are evening live sessions with the fiddles, accordions, and singing. Otherwise, the West is more for outdoor activities: diving, surfing, fishing, horse riding.

The northwest is quite isolated. Donegal is almost separated from the Republic of Ireland by the western foothills of the Northern Irish Fermanagh.

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On the southwest coast of Donegal there are majestic cliffs and the lonely peninsula of Inishowen, which forms the northern tip of Ireland in the shape of a spear leaf.

Places you have to visit: The Burren, Cliffs of Moher, Connemara, West Mayo, Aran Islands.

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