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6 Best Places To View The Night Sky In Dublin

So you have some occasion or you just want to gaze a little bit upon the stars. But you don’t really know where the best place to view the night sky in Dublin is. Check this guide and we’ll tell you!

1. Phoenix Park

A lot of space and a good view upon the night sky. You should be able to stargaze here without any problems.

2. South Wall

Well, you will get some fresh air here and this is probably one of the best places in the whole country to view the stars.

3. Sandymount Strand

Basically the same as the South Wall but in my opinion not that great.

4. Bull Island

You will probably need your car but it’s almost to dark there as there is less light pollution from the city.

5. Bray Head

If you want to have the best mountain view around Dublin then this mountain is your solution. Not really Dublin anymore but who cares?

6. Great Sugarloaf

Yes again, we know, not really Dublin anymore but the Great Sugarloaf is way higher then Bray Head and you can get one of the best views in the whole country.

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