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3 Famous Tourist Attractions Around Dublin

Besides numerous attractions in the middle of the Irish capital, there are many destinations close to Dublin.

Beaches, unspoiled nature and a rich historical heritage invite visitors to Ireland’s east coast, and most public transport systems make traveling easy. Here are a few selected destinations:

Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown County is situated on a beautiful coastline and offers many leisure activities including visits to impressive medieval towers and castle buildings in Dalkey. This charming village with its narrow streets is particularly idyllic and is the starting point for interesting tours. (More Information about Dun Laoghaire)

A museum for James Joyce is located on-site, as are the two lighthouses at the end of the pier. 

Every kind of sport can be done, it is excellent for sailing, diving or surfing. Golf courses and even horse races, held in Dublin Leopardstown, welcome visitors everywhere.

Dublin Mountains

The Dublin Mountains invite you to take a walk or an extended hike and of course there are countless events taking place throughout the year.

Above the hills of Killiney on the Vico Road, the excursionist can enjoy perhaps the most beautiful view in Ireland – don’t forget to take your camera!

Those who appreciate such a rich heritage in the middle of a charming landscape should also visit Fingal. Picturesque fishing villages, endless sandy beaches and always pulsating places full of life promise a great contrast.

South Dublin County:

Deep river valleys, impressive mountains, always accessible by villages and small towns – a must for every guest of the Emerald Isle! And the culinary experiences are also varied, with each one of them inviting excellent restaurants, small pubs, and markets to linger and enjoy delicious specialties.

Besides these destinations, the surroundings of Dublin offer much more.

Everything cannot be mentioned here: The latest information can be obtained from the tourist information offices.

Visitors are therefore encouraged to stock up on provisions and use public transport to explore the beautiful landscapes, a challenge that is definitely worthwhile.

Dublin’s surroundings are perfect for hiking, whether in the mountains or on the sandy beach. Let’s go!

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